For the entire Dickerson Family, giving back to the community has always been near and dear to our hearts. We can trace our charity work back to December 2001 when we heard of a local family in the Free Home community that needed some firewood to heat their home. 


Between a few employees of our family business and ourselves, we purchased a load of firewood and delivered it to their house. Once we arrived, we found they didn’t have any electricity, barely any food for their young children, and couldn’t afford any presents for Christmas.


Over the next few days, we paid to have their electricity turned back on, bought them a full load of groceries, and went Christmas shopping for their children. On Christmas Eve, after we finished our family dinner, we loaded up our cars and made the delivery to their house around 10:30 p.m., long after the children had gone to bed. 


We wrapped every present in silver and gold wrapping paper, with a large red fabric bow on each one. We also bought presents for the parents, and purchased all of the traditional fixings for a large Christmas Day meal.


For many years thereafter, that was our family tradition. We would sponsor 4-5 families every year as a Secret Santa, and we would deliver the presents on Christmas Eve night after our family dinner.


Over the years we have worked with the Wreaths Across America Program, Secret Santa, Toys-for-Tots, and other various organizations as well as provided the transportation for disaster relief efforts for hurricane victims in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.


In 2014 we started talking about either stepping up our donations to public charities or possibly forming our own foundation. We knew that through our previous giving efforts that the most important thing to our family was for the end user to get the most benefit possible.


In 2015, we officially formed our Family Foundation as a conduit to give back to the community and to help support the causes that are close to our hearts. We focus our efforts on the veterans, the youth, the elders, the domesticated animals, and the natural wildlife – primarily all of those in need or distress – that are located in Cherokee, Bartow, and Pickens County, Georgia.


In the past we have always given anonymously or have specifically asked the recipient not to acknowledge our giving. In 2019, the trustees of our foundation decided it would be best for us to be more public and transparent with our giving, as it would allow us to partner with other businesses, community leaders, and non-profits to help bring more awareness to some of the issues we support.

About Our Chairman

Jason T. Dickerson was born in Canton, GA and is the eldest son of Robert “Terry” Dickerson and Judy G. Dickerson. He was raised on a farm in the small community of Union Hill, located in the eastern part of Cherokee County. 


He is a product of the Cherokee County Public School System, attending Hickory Flat Elementary, Dean Rusk Middle School, and graduating in 1994 from Sequoyah High School. Even though Jason never attended college himself, he has always fully appreciated the importance of a higher education and the importance of continually learning throughout life. 


At a young age Jason had an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of nine, he used to get off the school bus at a local general store that was near his home. Thru a little persuading, he talked the store owner into letting him stock the shelves every day for about an hour after school in exchange for an IBC root beer and a 5th Avenue candy bar.


Dickerson is currently the co-founder and CEO of Quest Trucking, a long-haul transportation company employing over 400 people. Having started his first business at age 15, he has almost 30 years of leadership and business experience. Throughout his tenure, he has witnessed various economic challenges and has navigated his company through each accordingly. He understands the struggles of a small business as well as the unique challenges of a larger company. 


Growing up with strong conservative values and a desire to give back to his local community, he has consistently supported many local organizations through his philanthropic efforts. As Chairman of The Jason T. Dickerson Family Foundation, he works with organizations engaged in the areas of child foster care, animal welfare, and elder support, as well as those helping first responders and veterans. As an extra benefit, his Foundation also provides scholarships to local students to aid in the continuation of their education. 


Jason has a heart for service which is evidenced by the many roles he continues to serve locally. Currently, he serves on the Board of the Cherokee County Educational Foundation; is a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association; and is a member of the Sons of the American Legion, Rotary Club of Canton, Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce, and National Skeet Shooting Association.


Jason and his devoted wife Carey actively attend Woodstock City Church and reside in the Canton area along with their beloved miniature poodles.